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Online Therapy for Relationship Issues and EMDR
in NYC & Across NY

Life in “the city that never sleeps” comes with its positives and challenges.

The best pizza exists around every corner, the worlds greatest museums and theaters are at your doorstep, and you feel proud of yourself for "making it" there.  
Every opportunity in the world is here. So, why would you need online therapy in NYC? 
Because the grind is real - living in tiny spaces, waiting in the longest lines at Trader Joes, and pushing your way through thousands of people (sometimes through dirty slush!) on your way to work. 

Desk with laptop open for online relationship and anxiety therapy overlooking NYC.

New Yorkers are stressed.

Being an adult is hard enough. Living in this city can add a whole new level of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.  Although people all over America think that your life probably looks like something out of a movie (and sometimes is truly feels that way!), living in NYC is hard. 

You may be dealing with stress from: 

  • Overwhelming pressure to succeed

  • A high-pressure job 

  • Comparing yourself to all the other New Yorkers who walk by and make it look easy

  • Anxiety about having to shove your way into subways and buses  

  • Dealing with crowds of people everywhere

  • Sharing small living spaces with roommates or partners

  • Limited access to relaxing outdoor space

  • Seasonal depressed mood

New Yorkers Can Benefit From Relationship and EMDR Therapy

Being in a relationship in NYC can be really hard. No matter where you are in life, you’re both juggling so many demands at once.


Common struggles that couples in NYC have to deal with include:

  • Balancing demanding careers with time for your loved ones  

  • Long hours and constant exhaustion

  • Small living spaces

  • Timelines based on leases 

  • Balancing crazy commutes  

  • Sacrificing even more to afford a really high cost of living 

  • Lack of energy to do anything once you’re finally home

  • Comparing yourselves to other couples

Living in NYC can also trigger past painful experiences. With overstimulation, lack of personal space, and the continuous grind, you can feel more anxious and down about yourself.  This can often bring up past experiences of high anxiety, low self esteem, and specific memories of difficult times in your past that feel familiar.


Therapy for relationship challenges and painful past experiences can help you manage overwhelming feelings and triggers, heal the past, create more connection with yourself and your partner, and find the confidence to handle anything life throws at you.

Online Therapy in NY

Therapy on Your Terms

Online therapy is right for you if you live in or near NYC because it’s an easy and private way to get the help you’ve been looking for. 

With online therapy you:

  • No longer have to trek through the snow and rain to get to your therapist’s office

  • Don’t have to drip sweat while speed walking to your appointment on a hot summer day

  • Don’t have to squeeze in another commute during lunch or after work

  • Can have more privacy and you don’t have to worry about being leaving an appointment emotional in public

  • Can hold onto calm feelings longer in your home rather than going back out into busy streets 

  • Can build in the transition time you need between ending a session and getting back into the hustle and bustle


Most importantly, you can find a therapist that truly fits your needs instead of settling for someone near home or work. No more choosing between convenience and what you really need. 


Therapy comes to you where you are not the other way around. 

Get the calm, confidence, and connection you've always wanted, even within your busy life.

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