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Therapy for Relationship
Challenges and Trauma

In New York City & New York, San Diego & California, and New Jersey

Helping you build confidence and find peace so your relationships, especially with yourself, can thrive. 

Do you long to feel understood, heard, and more connected with your partner?

You find yourself feeling hurt about the argument you just had with your partner that echos the previous one, and the one before that. You’re frustrated with yourself and them for how quickly communication breaks down and ends up becoming filled with blame and defensiveness. You come back to feeling alone and unheard yet again, wondering what it all means.  You ask yourself, "What if things don't change", "Can things be fixed", "Why is it so hard to communicate?" You just want to get back to the light, joy filled, and connected relationship that used to be.


Do you dream about being able to handle overwhelming feelings better?

When your relationship is challenged, you also become overwhelmed with feelings of frustration, worry, and sadness unsure how to handle it all.  It becomes harder to focus at work and connect with friends knowing there’s already so much on your mind.  You ask yourself, "Is it me, them, or the relationship?", "What can I do to make a difference",  "Am I the problem?"  You just want to understand what's going on within and with your partner and to be able to handle it all better.

Do you wish you had more control in keeping the past at bay?

The triggers you experience in relationship with your partner, with family and friends, or at work, leave you feeling confused about how big your reaction can be.  Maybe it's getting louder than you wanted or maybe it's shutting down or freezing, not knowing what to do.  You feel helpless and out of control, haunted by the feeling that this pain is familiar or deeper than what's happening in the present.  You scan for painful moments in your past that may be negatively impacting you today, and just want to break free of tthe past.

You deserve to get out of these stuck places and you don't have to do it alone.

You're in the Right Place

Hi, I'm Kim


I believe that the relationships we have in our lives, whether positive or negative, have a profound impact on our overall well-being.


My focus is on helping women and long-term dating couples develop a deeper connection and understanding of each other, while building a stronger sense of confidence and self-worth within.

My approach focuses on empowering you to gain distance from past pain, confidently communicate your feelings and needs, and navigate your life in a more fulfilling way.


Find the peace you’ve been looking for.


With a safe and confidential space for you to explore and process your feelings, you’ll learn how to manage the overwhelming feelings that often come up during relationship stress and gain clarity on your needs and wants in the relationship.  You can develop a deeper understanding of your relationships and learn effective communication skills, so you can connect better with your partner. 

Coming together to work on your relationship is the first step in finding peace in your life.  You will begin to untangle what keeps getting you stuck in conflict and disconnection while learning how to safely be vulnerable and communicate with each other in a way that brings you closer.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) helps heal unresolved past painful experiences that are impacting you today. Reprocessing these memories will help you better manage triggers, emotions, and any challenges that come your way. 

EFT uses underlying emotions and attachment needs to guide you in understanding and improving your relationship with yourself and your loved ones. It helps you identify and change negative patterns that get you stuck and learn how to create more positive ways of feeling towards yourself and connecting with others. 

Online therapy is a great way to ease into the therapy process while staying in a comfortable and familiar place physically. 

We’ll spend time getting to know each other and communicate about a pace that feels right to you.  


All you need is internet access and a laptop/phone/tablet to start feeling the way you’ve been hoping to.

Kimberly Kuskovsky, LMFT sitting at computer providing online therapy for relationship challenges, anxiety, and trauma utilizing Emotionally Focused Therapy and EMDR.

Get Support From the Comfort of Home

Online Therapy in New York, New Jersey, & California

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Connect: Schedule a free consultation.

Collaborate Work together to heal from trauma and strengthen your relationships.

Confidence: Feel empowered, knowing you can handle whatever comes your way.

Healing your past, strengthening your present, inspiring your future.

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