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Online Therapy for Relationship Issues and EMDR
in San Diego, CA & Across California

San Diego has been called America’s Finest City.  People love living here. There are gorgeous beaches, amazing hiking trails, and the best zoo in the country.  Why would you even need online therapy in San Diego?  

The answer is easy:  You’re human. No matter where you live, life can become overwhelming.

Beach in San Diego.

Why would I become overwhelmed if I live in San Diego?

Even though you supposedly live in “paradise” that doesn’t mean you’re free from stress, anxiety, relationship challenges, and past painful experiences. You may feel even more pressure to be happy because of where you live and feel weak for struggling or not being able to deal with it because you live somewhere so many people only dream of. 


Some common struggles in San Diego include:

  • Struggling to make good friends and find a community to belong to

  • Feeling pressure to be active and "seize the day"

  • Feeling far from home and missing family and friends if you didn't grow up in San Diego

  • Having to look beach-ready all of the time

  • Depressed mood during May Gray/June Gloom 

Online Therapy in San Diego

You don’t have to deal overwhelm all on your own. Online therapy is right for you if you live in or near San Diego because it’s a convenient way to get the help you want and need on your time. 


With online therapy you:

  • No longer have to sit in traffic on the 5 or 805 to find a therapist who specializes in what you are looking for 

  • Don’t have to sacrifice extra time at the beach to get to your appointment 

  • Don't have to worry about being late because you are looking for parking

  • Can have a therapy session in a private outdoor space - this way, you can move around and enjoy our gorgeous weather instead of being stuck in a therapist’s office 

Don’t let “living in paradise” keep you from finding a
true sense of peace and calm. 

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